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Walsh 2018 Newfoundland Specialized
Stamp Catalogue
11th Edition eBook 823 pgs.

Walsh 2018 British North America Specialized
Stamp Catalogue
11th Edition eBook 674 pgs.

2018 Cover


stamps! Contains die proofs, postage, forgeries, first flight covers, postal stationery, postal and revenue rate fees, revenue and tobacco stamps, picture postcards; cornercards. 

no other comes close

CAN $50 (no refund)



2018 PDF Catalogue Excerpts:

  1. Table of Contents as found in the Newfoundland Specialized 2018 catalogue
  2. A Brief History of Previous Editions
  3. History of Newfoundland Stamps
  4. Sample Pages of Newfoundland Catalogue

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BNA-Cover 2018 

Not another
Catalogue compares

British North America
stamps! BNA Colonies and classic Canada to 1951. Contains die proofs,
postage, forgeries, postal stationery,
official first flights, semi official stamps & flights, postal & revenue rate fees, revenue stamps as stated & pictured

no catalogue comes close

CAN $50 (no refund)


2018 PDF Catalogue


Stolen philatelic
material list as
received from
the name archives.

Collectors Club of Chicago
Robert H. Pratt Slides

You-print stamp album
(13 colour pages)

BNA Colonies Stamp Album

CAN $8 (no refund)









You-print stamp album

Newfoundland Specialized Stamp Album concept is to create an album in colour so that pages look more impressive prior to obtaining the stamps. A number of unique pages have been created that exclude the expensive material. Care was been taken to present the correct colour of each stamp and the best image. Revenue stamps are depicted.

CAN $25 (no refund)





You-print stamp album

BNA Classic Canada Stamp Album has full colour postage stamp pages covering classic Canadian stamps from 1851 - 1951. Colour pages make your album impressive prior to obtaining your stamps. This comprehensive album includes Canada as a Province and as a Dominion. Airmail Stamps, Special Delivery, Postage Due, Officially Sealed and Registration stamps.

CAN $25 (no refund)
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