Collectors Club of Chicago (CCC) - Robert H. Pratt stamp collection images


The board of directors of the Collectors Club of Chicago has with kind permission allowed to display the digital slides of the Robert H. Pratt stamp collection/s. Mr. Pratt had photographed his collection/s and saved them as slides. He gave this collection of about 4300 slides to the Collectors Club of Chicago  (of which he was a member). These photographic slides were digitalized through the unrelenting help of Clarence A. Stillions and with the British North America Philatelic Society (BNAPS) support. The photographic manner of these images are as received from Mr. Pratt. The original selection has some duplication and some out of focus items that have been deleted. No changes to the images were made by this website. The images consist of some early Canada and a large selection of Newfoundland philatelic materials. This website owner, John M. Walsh and with help from Andrew L. Winter, has place the images into sequential dated categories for ease of viewing. The received originals were as jpegs. We changed them to tiffs and placed them into PDF formats using Adobe software. 

These digital slide image items are and remain the property of the Collectors Club of Chicago.

They are allowing its use for all viewers without charge. All credit of use is deemed to be from and permission has been given for personal use from the Collectors Club of Chicago or (CCC). Please designate it so when you use it.


Canada Early Issues
Canada Revenue


Pre-Pence Images & Covers
Pence Issue
1865-1875 1st Cents ABNCo Issue
1880-1898 2nd Cents BABNCo Montreal Issue
1890 Queen Victoria Issue
1897 Cabot Issue
1897 Cabot Trial Surcharges
1897 Provisional Issue
1897 Royal Family and Map Issue
1910 Guy Issue
1911 Royal Family Issue
1919 Caribou Issue1920 Provisionals
1921-1943 Airmail Issues
1923 Pictorial Issue
1928 Publicity Issue 1911 colours
1928 Publicity Issue
1929 Issue
1929 Provisional Issue
1931 Publicity Issue
1932 1st Resources Issue
1933 Gilbert Issue
1933 L & S Post Provisional
1935 Issue
1937 Long Coronation Issue
1938; 1939; 1941 Issues
1941-1949 2nd Resources Issue
1943; 1946; 1947 Issues
Postal Stationary Issues
Revenue Issues